Who is Communities@Work?

Communities@Work is Canberra’s largest not-for-profit community organisation, working with our community to support positive educational outcomes, and build resilient, sustainable and socially inclusive communities in the ACT and capital region.

Communities@Work provides a wide range of education and community services, delivering high quality services that support positive educational outcomes, assists in alleviating hardship, enhances quality of life and leads to positive social change.

Communities@Work sees a world where our community is flourishing. Where everyone has a sense of belonging and has the opportunity to live a purposeful life and contribute to our shared success. You can find out more about Communities@Work on our website

What is Engage Canberra?

Engage Canberra is part of Communities@Work’s Innovation strategy. We are using the Ideascale platform, which provides a place for you to share your great ideas. Your solutions. Issues that matter to you. A place where Canberrans can explore problems, find solutions and draw on our collective strengths to work together to build a better Canberra community.

How is Engage Canberra different from a Feedback Platform?

Engage Canberra is not a feedback platform. If you want to provide feedback to Communities@Work, you can Get in Touch. Engage Canberra is a community-driven space to share and work on ideas. It can be thought of as a space to brainstorm.

Who can participate on Engage Canberra?

Anyone in the ACT can participate on Engage Canberra. You are invited to share your ideas, engage with other ideas, and join the conversation.

How do I participate in Engage Canberra?

You need to register to submit your ideas or engage on the platform. If you’re a Communities@Work employee, you should already be added as a member. If you haven’t been added or can’t log in, please contact us. If you’re not an employee of Communities@Work, participation starts by registering for an account.

How do I register for Engage Canberra?
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Submit registration

You will receive an email after registration. Follow the instructions in the email to verify your account and log in to Engage Canberra.

How do I submit an idea?

When you are ready to submit your idea, begin by choosing the campaign it fits under. Then, enter a title for your idea and a description. You can also upload images, links and files to expand your idea. Finally, choose a tag that matches your idea. This will make it easier to find.

If you have an idea that does not correspond to any of the existing idea campaigns, you can submit it under “Random Ideas.” Random ideas may evolve into their own campaigns too.

How can I engage with other ideas?

On the Ideas page, you can browse other ideas. As you read through the ideas, you'll notice that you can vote them up and vote them down. When you vote, you're helping to influence which ideas rise the ranks. That's a big responsibility!

When you upvote an idea, it means you believe in the idea and want it to move towards implementation. When you downvote an idea, it means you don't think it is viable, or has another problem. The Engage Canberra community is constructive, and we encourage discussion. So, when you vote, it will help the community to understand why by leaving a comment and letting us know.

You can add comments by clicking on “Add your comment” or click in the box below the submitted idea.

How can I search for ideas?

You can use the search box to find other ideas. You can check whether your idea or an idea similar to yours has already been submitted using this search function. You can also view ideas for each of the campaigns in the list at the right.

How can I see my activity within the community?

To see you community activity, select 'My Community Activity' from the dropdown on top right-hand corner of your community. You will be taken to a new page where your activity details will be visible.

What happens to my idea after it’s submitted?

Anyone on the platform will be able to see your idea, comment on it and vote. Based on viability, timing, scale, and relevancy, the Engagement Team will evaluate your idea and work to make it a reality. Some ideas may only require a few resources or a small change that can be implemented right away as a quick win. Others might fit into programs or services already running. We will help refine and improve ideas through each stage, and ideas that make it through the funnel will emerge on the other side, ready to be implemented as a reality.

What happens if my idea is not deemed viable?

If the idea could use more refining, the timing isn't right or can't move forward for any reason, your idea doesn't go away. Instead, your idea will move to the Incubation Lab. The lab is another way for your idea to grow.

How can I know what’s happening to my idea?

You can enable email notifications when someone comments on your idea, when it progresses to another stage, etc. You can modify these notifications to get as many or as few messages as you choose. You can also subscribe to Idea Campaigns to get updates about ideas within a particular campaign.

How are ideas and comments moderated on Engage Canberra?

Our Engagement Team will consistently monitor ideas and comments on the platform. If your comment or idea violates the following policies, your idea or comment may be removed:

  • Comments or ideas that contain abusive, vulgar, offensive, threatening or harassing language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive terms that target specific individuals or groups
  • Comments or ideas that promote or advertise services or products, or that promote or oppose any political party, person campaigning for elected office, or any ballot proposition.
  • Comments or ideas containing links to sites that may be considered as spam by Communities@Work.
  • Comments or ideas containing personally identifiable information, such as phone numbers or addresses.

Repeated violation of policies can result in the banning of a member.

Communities@Work Engagement Team also reserves the right to ban any member or remove any idea or comment if the content posted is deemed inappropriate or in violation of Communities@Work values, as per the discretion of the moderators.

What is Communities@Work’s Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy can be found here:

Our Whistleblower policy can be found here:

Who can I reach out to if I have any questions?

Ross McKay, Enterprise Development Manager at Communities@Work, is your point of contact for any concerns. You can reach him at