Due to the current COVID-19 situation impacting the Canberra community, we have paused all Ideascale campaigns. You are still allowed to view existing campaigns and submitted ideas but will be unable to submit a new idea. You may subscribe to a campaign to be notified when it's accepting ideas again.

Your Role

Communities@Work needs your voice in the conversation. Whether you're a client, carer, family or just any member of the Canberra community, join us in the conversation. What problems should we be working on? What solutions do you have in mind?

This is your opportunity to share your great ideas and work with others on their ideas. Your chance to help improve Communities@Work, to build a better Canberra, and to be a part of a conversation that will lead to a better future for the community. #CBRCommunity #EngageCBR

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Managing Crisis in our Community

CAMPAIGN PAUSED How can we be better prepared when crisis strikes? How can we become a community more connected and able to support each other in times of crisis, a community that is safer and more prepared? What do we need on an individual, community and organisational/government level to improve our crisis response, like for the bushfire/smoke...

Number of Ideas: 0 End Date: Jul 31, 2020
Food stress

CAMPAIGN PAUSED In what ways can we better provide tasty, healthy, nutritious food for people who don't have enough to eat? Food stress is when a person cannot afford sufficient tasty, nutritious food. We want to make our Community Pantry services sustainable. Now is the time to rethink all aspects of Community Pantry services and we need your input.

Number of Ideas: 1 End Date: Jul 31, 2020
Quality Family Time

CAMPAIGN PAUSED How can we help families with young children spend more quality time together? The hours before and after children are picked up from our children's services, are very busy and full of chores like feeding, bathing, etc. We would like ideas of how Communities@Work can do things, so families with young children can spend more quality time to...

Number of Ideas: 3 End Date: Sep 30, 2020
Random Ideas

CAMPAIGN PAUSED We don't choose when brilliant ideas hit. In the shower, driving to work, waking up in the middle of the night, they come when we least expect it. Don't lose that flash of potentially extraordinary insight. Here's a place to capture the idea and work through it to see if it's a good idea or even a great idea. #ShowerThoughts #EngageCBR

Number of Ideas: 3

Why Is Your Participation Important?

This is your chance to contribute to building a better Canberra and be part of creating a future we can all be proud of.

Our community in Canberra is hugely diverse with an interesting range of people from different cultures, backgrounds, knowledge and experience. It's vital that we hear your ideas so we can best serve your needs.

Your participation in Engage Canberra will help us highlight gaps in our services and programs. It will help us identify synergies and collaborations. It will help us improve services and build new services.

Engage Canberra is not a feedback platform. It's a place to share and grow all the great ideas we have.

Pick an Idea Campaign and share your idea to help solve that problem, or submit your idea to the Random Ideas campaign if it doesn't fit in any of the existing campaigns. Browse through others' ideas and support ideas that resonate with you.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in!

Get involved and make a difference. Canberra's future belongs to you.

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Community Member

Let's not forget that Educators need quality family time too)

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Save the world!


As an organisation, we take care of 4,367 children of different ages every day. Currently, every service makes indivi...)

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Cheap, nutritious, pre-made family meals for parents and guardians or staff, dropped off at the Early Learning Centre...)

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Information and advice about nut...


Maybe we could create a page on our website that provides information and advice about nutrition and healthy meal pla...)

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